What I’ve Been Up To

Announcing Content for Humans, my newest business venture

It’s been a little quiet on this site, and that’s because I’ve been busy launching something new!

Meet Content for Humans:

For years, I’ve been writing content for clients across a range of industries. It started as a side job I wanted to keep secret—I’m a published composer, after all—and it’s just kept growing.

In July 2021 I quit my day job to take my content-writing second job full time. Here we are in 2022 and I’m launching an online presence and expanding my team!

If you need written content for your brand or organization and you can’t or don’t want to write it yourself, then we should talk. That’s what we do at Content for Humans: we create human-centric content for the digital world.

See more at Content for Humans, or check out our portfolio page to see what we’ve done for others.

What does this mean for HoelscherMusic.com? Good question. I already wasn’t doing a whole lot here, and I don’t expect that to change. Perhaps in another season of life I’ll start composing in earnest again, but this isn’t that season. Right now I’m focusing mainly on building my boutique content agency.


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